How to Attract Guests?
‘The Time Machine’ can organize a wide range of specially curated events and experiences at luxury 5-star hotels for both business owners and employees of the leading information technology companies, banks, and other verticals.
Ideazfirst is designing customized de-stress packages and working with HR Managers, Bank Managers, Marketing Managers, and business owners, offering paid vacations with entertainment as a reward to their best employees. It is an opportunity for them to leave behind a life of isolation and spend a few days in luxury in a safe environment.
Monthly offline training sessions on the side. IT firms are realizing that online is not the best platform for productivity. Businesses know that both B2B and B2C deals can be closed better offline.
Entertainment programs offered include Immunity Boosting Yoga, Meditation, Mocktail/Bakery Workshop, Birthday & Anniversary Celebrations, Fun & Games, Music, Dancing, Quiz, Zumba, and large-screen screenings of IPL games.
Opportunity to de-stress for 1 day/2 days on a weekday or weekend
Spend quality time with family in a luxury hotel
Entertainment, food, swimming pool, gym access
Business meetings, seminars, idea exchange on the side
Exhibitions and fairs for businesses with kiosks and video and pictures
Face-to-face communication for lead generation
Hotels and resorts working with IdeazFirst can offer the best experience for their valued guests, while maintaining all safety and sanitization standards. (A division of Ideazfirst) will also offer pranic healing services to shield all guests and businesses and improve their immunity.
This is a wonderful opportunity for hotels and resorts to leverage the resources and reach of Ideazfirst to bring back guests again and improve the occupancy rate.
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